Friday, September 11, 2009

monkeys monkeys everywhere!

My friend Sharon sent me this photo! Her little Brig turned 1 and she made this adorable monkey cake.I also loved the fact that she simplified elaborate cake plans and choose to play with her baby boy instead! She is one amazing mom!

A few months ago I saw some cute monkey cupcakes and officially decided "MAMA'S LIL MONKEY" would be the theme for Myles first birthday! Ya not till December thank heavens cause I've got a few pounds to drop before the big celebration! Which is why the food bloggin is a little sparse (no one needs to hear about turkey, cottage cheese, tuna, chicken, and lots of fruits and veggies.)Thanks Martha for the cute idea and directions.

Step 1
For ears, make 2 small horizontal slits with a paring knife in opposite sides of 1 cupcake, just above paper liner, and then partially insert a wafer into each slit. Frost cupcake and wafers. Repeat, reserving remaining frosting.

Step 2
Roll fondant to a 1/8-inch thickness. For each cupcake, cut out 1 round at 2 inches and 2 rounds at 7/8 inch; cut a straight edge on each 7/8-inch round. Using flower-shaped cutter, cut out 1 flower from fondant; cut off 2 petals, creating straight edges. For eyes, press the 2 petal pieces at top of each cupcake. For mouth, overlap bottom of eyes with 2-inch round. Place the 7/8-inch rounds on ears, straight sides in. Pipe pupils, nose, and mouth with reserved frosting, above.

Finished product AMAZING BANANAS!

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