Monday, January 17, 2011

Learning how to cook again...

If you do not yet know we have gone clean over here. If you are interested just read my last 2 posts. Mainly we are on a diet of only good for you food plain and simply. And it is not meant to be temporary, but to be a life change. I'm am SOOOOO EXCITED! Here is the best part my migraines and headaches have vanished! I KNOW!!! If only I had known I would have gone this route ages ago. But as you also may know I love and only eat delicious food. For the past 2 weeks I have been trying my hand at substituting every thing possible. Some have been successes, some ok, and some a waste of time energy and $ (those were depressing!)

Here is a great link The Gracious Pantry I am using to help substitute! Stay tuned for all sorts of good food recipes. Aren't you glad I'm going to all the trouble to test and perfect healthy food. I know no thank you needed!

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Anonymous said...

I am SO EXCITED too!!! I just found info about the alkaline diet a few days ago and inmediately started changing my family's menu. I did an awesome carrot cake last night subsituting everything LOL. I also made the best whole wheat spaghetti with raw red sauce (tomato, carrots, zuchinni, red yellow and orange pimentos, onion all in the proccessor).
Thanks for taking the time of posting all this, I will definetly send lost of traffic to your blog. see you around,
Lilly (from México)