Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries=Valentine's Luv

This says valentines to me! I always look forward to the decadent combination of fresh ripe strawberries and chocolate.... This year they were dipped in DARK CHOCOLATE! It has been so funny because everyone thinks we only eat flavorless boring food now. All I can say is we are eating as delicious as ever!
Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries


6 ounces dark chocolate at least 70%, chopped

2 ounces white chocolate, chopped  ( I know this is not clean, omit if desired but I barely drizzled em plus I just love the presentation k now that's all cleared up!)

1 pound strawberries with stems (about 20), *washed and dried very well* any water on the berries will ruin the chocolate. I use a lightly dampened paper towel and individually wipe each strawberry clean (kinda like a mushroom)


Put the dark and white chocolates into 2 separate heatproof medium bowls. Fill 2 medium saucepans with a couple inches of water and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Turn off the heat; set the bowls of chocolate over the water to melt. Stir until smooth. (Alternatively/ easier, melt the chocolates in a microwave at half power, for 1 minute, stir and then heat for another minute or until melted.)

Once the chocolates are melted and smooth, remove from the heat. Line a sheet pan with parchment or waxed paper. Holding the strawberry by the stem, dip the fruit into the dark chocolate, lift and twist slightly, letting any excess chocolate fall back into the bowl. Set strawberries on the parchment paper. Repeat with the rest of the strawberries. Dip a fork in the white chocolate and drizzle the white chocolate over the dipped strawberries. Or fill a small zip loc bag with white chocolate and cut a small triangle in the end, then squeeze out in a drizzle zig zag pattern.

Set the strawberries aside until the chocolate sets, about 30 minutes. If needed refrigerate. I love mine freshly made. I think they loose their fresh flavor and texture after a day.

be happy be healthy KCL

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littlered8888 said...

I read your post back from May 2010 about your freezer meals, your picture has everything labeled....what type/brand of label maker do you use? Thanks!!!!