Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm back and I brought some fun yucky Halloween food ideas!

Hey friends I know I have fallen off the food planet earth, but I have a good excuse! In September I had a seizure that found a tumor in my left temporal lobe in the speech center. I had the tumor removed in October and I am so blessed that it is benign and 100% out. Everyday I am slowly but surely doing better. So I'm taking the couch and sharing a little Halloween fun food!

We now have an annual Family Halloween Party and of course the food is always a hit! Last year here is how we made the food fun yummy and a lil gross!

Dracula fingers- Rhodes rolls, rolled into thin bread sticks. I used pistachio nuts shells for the finger nails (but tell your guests not to eat them!) then give thin knuckles marks and bake as directed.
 Bones- Same Rhodes frozen rolls. Follow bread stick directions. Once rolled into bread stick use kitchen scissors and slice both ends then roll ends into bone shape.

 Worm Jello- Raspberry Jello with sliced apples! You can add any gummy worms if wanted!
 Eye of Newt- It was also jello that was covered with marshmallows! You can be creative and use your own imagine. But my mother in law then took the food color and use a q-tip and used blue and green eyes in food color, then finish with a lil black dot!
 Sasquach Poop- This is so delicious and amazing. My mother in law's famous amazing homemade camels and chocolates!
 Shredded Human Flesh- Cheddar Cheese with blood (red food color)

Puking Pumpkin- Guacamole, carved into a lil pumpkin!
 Homemade root beer cauldron!

 Have you ever had purple carrots? they are delicious and perfect for Halloween! This was the vegetable dip ranch!
Ok so I have more so check out the next post!!!

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