Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Fish Cake

I am officially in birthday mood and have decided to share with you the easiest simplest funnest cake I ever did make. My daughters bday is in July so there have been way to many swim/water/fish/pirate parties to count. I love how simple this cake is to make.

1 One round cake
2 Frost with colored icing (any color that would make a good scale color) making C shapes to create fins (don't you just love it when it does not have to be smooth?)
3 Flatten gumdrops with rolling pin and place strategically
4 Flatten one large marshmallow and place as eye then add pupil. One chocolate chip.
5 Last step I promise use orange slice gummies and stack to make lips. Next stack to make top fin, side fin, and tail.

Seriously so easy that I made fish cupcakes! And I am no over achiever.

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