Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stars and Stripes (4th of July Cake)

For this oh so fun cake I used a star pan and simply tried to make it look like a us flag.

1 frost outside and top of cake white
2 now frost upper right corner in square shape blue for background of stars
3 begin frosting red stripes pipe star by star by star(using #12 star tip) across (you can trace lines with a toothpick to create a guide) then pipe a star border around the perimeter or the stripes (outlining all but the outer edge of blue section.)
4 add white stars (tip #12) to blue background. I think it is easiest to make them random.
5 now add blue star border to blue square outer edge
6 Last add blue star border to bottom edge cake
Yippee now you have the greatest red whit and blue cake ever!

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