Thursday, July 9, 2009

Guitar cake (hannah montana)

So if you only care about the cake here it is. I also wanted to share some tips on the ROCK STAR birthday I just hosted, it was so much fun to plan and throw.

To the cake. I baked a 1/2 sheet cake. I decided to not fill the cake just to simplify. I carved out the silhouette of a guitar free hand. I must admit I had the Wilton pan in my hand and had second thoughts at the register. Somehow I decided I could ace of cake it and it was quite easy. I just pulled up some guitar pics on the internet and went to town. I then carefully iced the sides and top smooth. Make sure to wipe the bottom edge to try to keep your work as tidy as possible. Next I placed a cup upside down to create a circle to outline. I used a star tip #4 and piped stars in the circle in dark purple. I then made it up SERIOUSLY, I just wanted clean details. I did the same stars to the top of the guitar. And placed toothpicks to act as horizontal lines along the long handle. I added the strings which will be the hardest part. Make sure to use a thin icing to assure nice even unbroken lines. I then finished off with what details I felt would add some fun. My daughters name in a funky font. Polka dots. And feel free to be creative and make it your own. Have fun i sure did.

The Party
Our rock star party was so much fun. Colors green and purple and lots and lots of glitter and stars. We went to Hannah Montana the movie. On my front door I put a big sparkly star with my daughters pic on it. The favors were target dollar sun glasses which I put Hannah Montana stickers on the wrapping. Blow up guitars and microphones. I bought lots of silver stars from the party supply store. We had a blast. so many fun things could be done with this theme. Makeovers, dance party, home video party.........................................

Hope you are inspired to try this easy cake! CKL

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Jane said...

I was so sad that Hannah had to miss the party we were up at Bear Lake with Grandparents. You are so talented. I'll have to send you some picture of my creations.