Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Miss me?

K I really have been cookin n bakin and all that jazz. But I also have been on a mission to loose weight. So please forgive me for not posting and yummy recipies. See when you are on a diet you not only have a hard time cooking delicious food and not eating it but even worse is bloggin about it.

As far as the diet goes it is still going. I have lost lots of weight. Baby weight of course. I'm still not at my goal weight (give me 2 more months) but when I am I'll post before and after pictures (BRAVE) and weights! Thanks to knee surgerie, swine flu, or bronchitis I did not hit my goal in my time frame but I'm still on the wagon.

Now I promise to post more. Yummy bad for you recipes and all!

Anyone want to join KCL's "Biggest Looser"???????????????????????????????????
Starts tomorrow January 7
Ends April 7 (same time as tv contestants have on the ranch.)
What does it require: A pledge to get active and watch what you eat. And a weigh in at the begining and end. I'll be weiging in weekly (thursdays) with spectators (motivation). You can join anytime, just post a commitment!

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