Friday, March 26, 2010

Announcing the CRICUT CAKE (hurray)

Did you know you can make amazingly "patterened" cakes with your cricut? Well the main "ISSUE" is whether or not it is food safe? So announcing the new CRICUT CAKE... this is just a tease it will be available just befor mothers day in craft stores and before that on QVC. I'm so gonna offer to make a fab wedding cake and use the $ to buy one of these!

Remember fondant and gum paste are really so so so easy to work with! I'm convinced it is easier then icing a cake (just a lil more time consuming.)

Here she is, aint she a beaut?

Just imagine making something like this. You better believe my wheels are turning FAST! And the ease it will provide, who knows I may even love to make wedding/fancy b-day cakes again.
Pics thanks to cutting edge cakes

Stay tuned

Dream in fondant

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