Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elmo cupcakes (or otherwise titled I'm human and sometimes I know I'm just wasting my time)

My baby turned 2 recently. I almost always make extravagant cakes for my kids. Only once has one had a store bought cake and that was because we moved into our house the day before and were leaving the next day for a trip. So that time I took the easy way out. But being a cake decorator I put a lot of pressure on myself to create something incredible and cute every birthday!

My boy is obsessed with Elmo, so Elmo it was. I found tons of cute Elmo cupcakes on line and quickly figured out what I was going to make. A red velvet cupcake, with the whole top looking just like Elmo.

As I began on my baking journey it seemed everything and I mean everything went wrong. No black fondant at the store. No way to make black fondant, I tried painting the fondant then as a last ditch attempt I covered the mouths and eye centers in dark chocolate. It was so far from my vision I scratched the idea. Then my red velvet cupcakes came out of the oven and they tasted bland and boring, nothing like my traditional cupcakes...??? They were sent to the garbage.

WHAT THE HECK??? Am I being punished?

So I did what I had time for
ran to the store bought cake mix and pudding GASP!
Made cupcakes per box directions just adding pudding to zip it up.

Then I had my 9 year old daughter cut out the toppers. And with the limited time I had I hot glued everything together. It just was not my vision! But still cute and he was thrilled. Have you ever been there?

Here is the moral of the story...

Every time my kids look back on this birthday they will remember the delicious cute cupcakes and the wonderful time we had celebrating as a family.

So when it just doesn't work or is not working, then WHO CARES!
Come up with another solution and enjoy the celebration.

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